Welcome to The Kargodorian Smile Design Institute

Dr. Vram Kargodorian D.D.S. and the caring team of professionals at The Kargodorian Smile Design Institute are dedicated to ensuring your visit is as comfortable as possible. Each procedure will be thoroughly discussed with you and any questions you have resolved prior to the start of your care.

Dr. Kargodorian

Vram Kargodorian, DDS

I’m Vram Kargodorian and I have been practicing dentistry for 29 years in the San Fernando Valley. I am a graduate of Northwestern Dental School in Chicago and continued my externship by becoming a Diplomate in Implantology from the International Congress of Implantologists in 2000. Since then, I have studied the correction of TMJ disorders, quick orthodontic movements with Six Month Smiles and most recently CPAP alternatives for patients with Sleep Apnea.
I love to travel and call the South of France my favorite place in the world because of its amazing food and my ability to speak French with everyone (which is one of five languages I am fluent in!) Some of my favorite pastimes are playing soccer and scuba diving. I usually play soccer three times a week and have since I was a young boy in the streets of Beirut. One of my favorite things about my job is my team. I call them the most talented people I have ever surrounded myself with and look forward to coming to work because they are so professional, funny and kind.

Elizabeth Delgadillo 

I have worked for Dr. Kargodorian for ten years. I am always the first and last person you will see in the office! I came to Dr. K’s office as a temporary worker for one day and Dr. Kargodorian asked if I would join his team permanently…I haven’t left since! This is a super busy office so it can be a lot of work most days, but I love all of our patients and the team I work with. We have been together for such a long time, that it really feels like we are family.
I love spending the weekends hiking Runyon Canyon with my dog Buddy and relaxing with my family. I also love traveling to different countries to learn about their cultures. I am passionate about health and fitness and never miss an opportunity to train after work. My favorite thing about our office is helping others; whether it is my co-workers or patients. We have amazing people at our office and I’m grateful I have that to look forward to every day.


Alex Liszaola

I’m Alex and I’ve worked for Dr. Kargodorian for nine years. I enjoy solving problems and working at this office, I get a lot of opportunities to do that. I have my RDA and am a Level 2 Six Month Smiles certificate holder. I love doing the orthodontic cases because I see how happy people are when they go through their treatment and feel confident in their smile when the bands come off.
In my spare time, I love to travel with my wife. In the past, I have traveled to Thailand and call the food in the Phi Phi Islands the best food I have ever had. My favorite place in the world are the beaches in Mexico and I dream of going to Venice Italy one day. When I’m not working in the dental office, I love to relax on the weekends and watch movies; my favorite of all time being “Black Hawk Down”.
My favorite part of work are my co-workers. I love to tease and I get plenty of opportunities to do that with our staff. I love to tease our patients too. The people that are patients in our office are so nice and really appreciate our staff. That makes coming to work very worthwhile.

Jenny Martinez

I am Jenny Martinez and I’ve worked for Dr. Kargodorian for five years. Dr. K says I’m a “quiet force” on our team. I find that if I’m calm and confident, the patients sense it and it relaxes them as well. I love to spend the weekends enjoying new adventures with my family and dream of going to Switzerland one day. I love my teammates at work and how fast time flies while I’m there because I’m always learning new things. My favorite work memory is the week before Christmas when we all participate in Secret Santa; each day we have a theme and we find gifts hidden throughout the office. Dr. K takes us out to lunch at the end of the week and we reveal who we were surprising all week.
I love working at our office because our patients are so nice. They are always bringing us treats and thanking us for making them enjoy their time at the dentist. That makes me feel so proud.

Office photo Argineh

Denise Soliz

My name is Denise Soliz and I’m one of the newest members of Dr. K’s team. I joined the office less than a year ago and have jumped right in as one of the main leads of our Sleep Apnea business. In this short time, the staff has truly made me feel that I belong here and have made me feel welcome. I don’t have much free time because I have four children and spend a lot of my time just doing “mom things”, but I do meditate a lot to keep myself focused and on-track. It has been a practice that has become a priority in my daily life. I like our office because I am always learning new things. I worked in a very fast-paced dental office prior to Dr. K’s office; they didn’t stress patient care and the importance of maintaining long-term relationships with patients. I realize the importance of that from both a patient’s point of view and an employee’s point of view.

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